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Investing in the Philippines

For Filipinos interested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, forex, crypto, banking, business, insurance, and any other topic related to investing money, making money, or growing money in the Philippines.

Daytrading: Information for your everyday trader

Daytrading futures, forex, stocks, etc.

for those that have invested in forex or stocks, how was your experience like?

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Which one is better to trade? Forex or stocks

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Forex or stocks

I'm a 16 year old looking to learn how to invest for when I turn 18 and I was wondering which is more profitable forex or normal stocks thanks in advance
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Should I learn to trade Forex or Stock Market

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Is there any saint for Forex or Stock traders?

Hi everyone,
I know the question is pretty vague, and that such things probably didn't exist until recent times.
Asking because I've started trading forex myself. Would be nice if there was a saint which could help in these kinds of professions.
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Forex or Stocks??? Which rocks your socks??

Hey All,
I've been thinking about making the switch to day trading stocks as speculative investment feels wrong. I currently trade FX and have for a year. I've had a 5% return over that period, however, it's all achieve through speculation.
My question to you wonder people is when you day trade stocks, do you also rely on simple price action and speculation like forex trading? Or do you perform fundamental analysis, then use technical to enter and exit and sit in positions longer? I.e. longer term investments.
I only ask because I'm a bit torn that with FX you win or you don't. There is no, oh hey, this company just won a billion dollar contract or they have a fantastic debt ratio and a large market share and should perform well in this turbulent period....or do any of you do both, stocks and FX?
Any and all advise would be appreciated.
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What is the tax stipulation on Forex or stock profits here?

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We all thought about being a forex or stock market trader, till we lost the 50K they put in our demo account in 3 minutes

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When to BUY Bitcoin FOREX or Stocks

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Forex or Stocks?. . .

As the title reads. Which one should I invest my time in? Thanks for the response!
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Forex or stocks on which platform

I am looking to start giving trading more of a go on a demo account(I don’t have spare money to waste away). Which of the two should I try to trade with and on which demo platform?
Edit: I found that trading view is the best site for all trading.
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Forex or Stocks : Which Fits you better?

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FOREX or Stock trading?

I'm 22 and have savings of £5k. Is FOREX more profitable than trading stock? I would like to aim to double my money in 2-3 years.
edit: okay so doubling my money in 2-3 years seems a bit ambitious so let say 2k profit.
edit 2: 1.5k profit
edit 3: i've read every comment thanks everyone for their input :))
edit 4: /investing are pretty much agreeing with you guys, so FOREX is a definite NOPE. Going to look more into stock trading instead of completing ruling it out
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FOREX or Stock trading

So the people over at personalfinance told me to come here
I'm 22 and have savings of £5k. Is FOREX more profitable than trading stock? I would like to aim to double my money in 2-3 years.
edit: okay doubling sounds a bit ambitious so lets say 1k min.
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Forex or stock/shares?

Ive just started learning how to trade on forex and a little in stocks, but which one to focus and invest in? Only have about £500 to start with, please help!
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Woody & Kyle, with all your free time are you tempted to learn how to day/swing trade stocks or forex?

Actively trading forex or stocks is such a hard thing to do & takes so much time to master. But with woody & kyles lifestyle allowing them a lot of free time, it may allow them to put a lot more effort into it than most. With the art of compounding, it eventually becomes a worthwhile endeavour and a great income.
Also I know chiz mentioned a while ago he was trading stocks, so he could offer some great advice.
Maybe it’s a stupid question, but trading really interests me so I thought I’d ask
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Did anyone make a neural network for predicting stock prices or forex?

I've done it and I would like to discuss it with someone who has done the same so we can share our discoveries
If you find yourself in that description please DM me
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Newbie wants to learn

Hi guys, so I'm a newbie in this trading stuff, I have posted before but usually I get confused since there are a lot of things to talk about and didn't know how to start. My question here is, What market should I be trading on? Forex or Stocks? These 2 are the ones I'm more familiar with, I've seen some cases where people say that it's better for newbies to trade stocks and others that say is better to trade forex since market is open 24 hours (of course not with the same volatility) and you don't need huge amount of money to start trading on it. Also they say forex is not the best since the prices in forex can be manipulated at all time.
Which one of these would you recommend a newbie to start trading on, I know I have to learn a lot of stuff b4 trading in real, but I guess the first step to start trading is know what to trade.
So what are your thoughts on this?
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This guy does NOT the believe in technical analysis, can someone elaborate on what he is saying pls? And does this only relate to stocks or to Forex as well?

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Forex vs Stocks

23 year old from Belgium, Europe, and I don't know what to choose to learn. Forex or stocks? What is the most simple to learn and easy to make money?
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The Start

i have $300 to get started and i would love tips and also what would be better for a beginner forex or stocks?
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How many day trades can you execute? I been trading stock but I’m only to 3 day trade and sick of tired of daily swing trades.. is there a limit or none? I’m new to forex, any information is appreciated and thanks in advance

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Is forex a scam? Futures vs Stocks FOREX vs STOCK Market! Which one is BETTER and WHY?! - YouTube Forex vs Stocks - 5 Reasons Why Forex is Better than the Stock Market Forex versus Stocks. Is Forex a Zero Sum Game? - YouTube stocks vs forex vs futures vs options - YouTube

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